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Build applications for any search platform.

Refined User Experience Refined UX

Applications should be crafted for the people that use them.

We have distilled years of research, visionary design, and usability testing into a library of configurable user interface components for search applications. Whether highly configured or used out of the box, our components make it easier than ever before to build search applications that people love to use.

Rapid Development Rapid Dev

Applications should be quick to build and easy to maintain.

By abstracting data providers — from search platforms to databases — Twigkit delivers unified access to data, regardless of the underlying platform. And by a providing a suite of tools for everything from searching content, to annotating and saving records, to authenticating users, Twigkit enables developers and business users to build search applications quicker than ever before.


Applications should be good digital citizens.

We value interoperability, follow industry conventions, and have carefully designed Twigkit for tight integration with enterprise architecture. Twigkit is lightweight, compatible with any operating system, and runs in any standard Java servlet container.

Specialised Applications Specialised Apps

Mix and match

By providing a layer of data abstraction, Twigkit reaches across organisational silos, making it possible to surface data from numerous search platforms and data warehouses in a single application. When combined with our data visualisation library, geospatial mapping components, and collaborative features such as commenting and bookmarking, Twigkit delivers the flexibility to create specialised research and discovery applications more easily than ever before.

Used by...

  • Thomson Reuters. News, company, people, and financial search for Zawya, the Middle Eastern arm of Thomson Reuters. Dubai, UAE
  • The UK National Health Service. Electronic medical record search for clinicians in NHS hospitals. London, UK
  • BASF. Scientific patent search and analysis for the world's largest chemical company. Ludwigshafen, Germany
  • WGSN. Image search for the worldwide leader in fashion trend forecasting. London, UK
  • ITV. Digital asset search for archived television programmes at the UK's oldest commercial TV network. London, UK

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